My favorite rock videos on YouTube

These are better than a cup of coffee … it’s impossible to watch these videos and not feel energized and even a little amazed. Your results may vary, but these work for me.

Richard Ashcroft 2019 singing Bittersweet Symphony live. This song was a hit in the ’90s but he’s still got it.

Lucky Man love the setting (Anybody know where? I assume it’s on the Thames). Wow, can he sing. A lot of mornings I play this one song because, well, I’m a Lucky Man.

U2 on Jimmy Fallon … so spot on that it’s just amazing. Does any other singer have a voice this powerful? How hard is it to sit in a chair and just belt out that performance … there’s a look of pure joy on Bono’s face.

The Sky is a Neighborhood. A close second is “These Days” but I prefer just listening to that song … great lyrics. This is a great video.

Foster the People on Letterman show … these guys have energy. This is just an awesome live performance with a lot of creativity. It’s a whole different song from what you heard on the radio.

Incubus and “Warning” with Brandon Boyd. I mostly just love the lyrics for this song and the message: I suggest we learn to love ourselves/Before it’s made illegal. Good advice.

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