Get to know the Borinqueneers

Fallen Sniper was inspired by several unconnected events from the Korean War that came together here for the story. In the late stages of the war, the conflict entered the stalemate phase described by historian Max Hastings. Instead of fighting back and forth, the two opposing sides were now facing each other across a wide and fluid front. Communist forces still probed and attacked in an effort to gain as much territory as possible for when the negotiations of a truce finally reached a conclusion. Meanwhile, many fought and died as the “peace talks” dragged on.

Outpost Kelly was one of the places where that fighting took place. The background for the battle comes from “Outpost Kelly: A Tanker’s Story,” an engaging memoir by Jack R. Siewert. The story of the 65th Infantry Borinqueneers that resulted in actual court-martial charges comes from the fight over a different hill, which has been combined here with events at Outpost Kelly just to streamline things. There’s no doubt that the Borinqueneers faced many obstacles in terms of training, language barriers, and 1950s prejudice.

The last stand at Outpost Alamo draws upon several incidents but is itself fictitious. Interestingly enough, there really are many ancient mountain forts throughout Korea, which has such a fascinating history. Finally, it’s worth noting that the dogfight against MiGs imagined here was inspired by several accounts. Thank you as always for reading and I hope that you enjoy Fallen Sniper.

The 65th Infantry Borinqueneers on the attack in Korea. Painting by Dominic D’Andrea. Courtesy U.S. National Guard.
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4 Responses to Get to know the Borinqueneers

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am enjoying the sniper series. But, to often you write that the retreating Terms s are moving West out of France to go towards Germany. Sorry, I know my directions.Mike

    • David Healey says:

      Thank you for reading the books, Mike! That makes my day. Maybe I will have to go in and “redirect” the retreating Germans. Best, David

  2. Frank Grams says:

    Reading the sniper series and enjoyig iI greatly.In those books you refer to a german M40 machine gun ,the Germans had an MP 40 submachine gun,the machine gun was the MG 42 aka Hitlers buzz saw.

    • David Healey says:

      Thank you for catching that, Frank! Much appreciated and I will request that be fixed. I really appreciate you reading the books.


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