Reading order of books

Readers have been asking about the order of the WWII Sniper series and other books. The books don’t necessarily need to be read in order because they stand alone as individual stories. However, here is the reading order that follows the historical timeline:

1. Ghost Sniper  (D-Day landing)

2. Iron Sniper (Battle of the Falaise Gap)

3. Gods & Snipers (German retreat to Moselle River)

4. Ardennes Sniper (Battle of the Bulge)

5. Red Sniper (Fall of Berlin)

6. Frozen Sniper (Korean War-Chosin Reservoir)

7. Sniper Ridge (Korean War-Battle of Triangle Hill) Fall 2020

Caje Cole returns in Gods & Snipers.


Rebel Fever

Rebel Train

First Voyage

Ship of Spies