Enter to win a signed copy of Ardennes Sniper


Ardennes-Sniper-3D-BookCover-transparent_backgroundThis is a time of year when money can be a little tight, what with heating bills and holiday bills. The good news is that if you didn’t win the Powerball, you can still win a signed copy of Ardennes Sniper! What better way to spend a winter’s evening than reading about the sniper duel between Caje Cole and Kurt Von Stenger … or what better gift to pass along to the history buff in your life.

There are a couple of places you can enter. If you are a Goodreads member, you can enter the Goodreads giveaway, where three copies are being given away.

gr giveaway

You can enter the giveaway over at the International Thriller Writers website.

Or, you can post you name right here in the comments with something like “enter me!” and your name will be added to the giveaway.

Thanks so much, and books will be going out to winners in February.


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6 Responses to Enter to win a signed copy of Ardennes Sniper

  1. Anonymous says:

    Enter me

  2. Eileen Viars says:

    enter me Eileen Viars

  3. Nichole Duckworth says:

    Enter me!

  4. Mike McLaughlin says:

    David, don’t leave out your #1 Colora fan!

  5. Joseph Watson says:

    Enter me, please. Thanks!

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