Time Reich gets closer …

In between things, I’ve been working on revisions to Time Reich. I’m calling this a novel of World War II and beyond, because it’s set in the past and the present. The story follows Professor Bram McCoy when he is enlisted by the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations to track down one of the last Nazi war criminals. He soon finds himself teamed up with OSI investigator Kate Crockett … in more ways than one.

I’m really excited about making TR available as an ebook. Briefly, it was available in print but I was never really happy with that version of the story, the publisher’s cover art, etc. I’m always grateful to editors and publishers for giving my writing a chance, but after much jumping through of hoops I was able to get the rights back and I’ve rewritten the story in a way I think is much more visceral and true to my original concept.

In the “old days” I would have carted around a paper manuscript to revise. Now, I’ve got it on my Kindle as an ebook. When I have time, I go through a chapter or two and make notes in my Mead spiral bound notebook. I might catch a typo, a word or bit of dialog that doesn’t ring true, or a scene that needs amping up. I’m always watching for what I call the “skip over” parts … stretches of writing that may be “pretty” in some way but that bog down the story. We’ve all encountered these in a book and I think our first reaction (unless we are particularly dutiful) is to skip ahead to the action. After making notes on the chapters in my Kindle, I go back and revise them on my trusty MacBook. It’s a long, slow process … yet the result is a good read. When I think of all the hours and revisions I’ve poured into TR, it’s a real labor of love. I can’t seem to put this story aside.

For the first time on this blog, I wanted to share the cover art. This is also being revised but it’s pretty close to the real deal at this point.

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