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  1. David, I just purchased a copy of your book “Great Storms of the Chesapeake” yesterday at B&N in Frederick, MD, and have read the preface. I’m a meteorologist with NOAA at the National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park. If the preface is any indication, this should be a fascinating book. I develop satellite image products for severe thunderstorm wind prediction where the Chesapeake Bay area is one of my focus regions. My blog, “Windstorm Review” (, describes three recent severe thunderstorm wind events (including the 29 June Derecho) that effected the Chesapeake Bay region. I’m looking forward to further reading of your book and your insight into other major storms that impacted the Ches. Bay area.
    Thanks and Happy New Year,
    Ken Pryor
    New Market, MD

    • David Healey says:

      Thanks for your interest in the book, Ken. I’m a little worried because you are an actual weather expert! People often ask me what was the “worst storm” here … any opinions? Best,

  2. Bill Ganz ( says:

    David: I just finished reading “Greaat Storms of the Chesapeake”. The picture on page 142 puzzles me a little. The wording under the picture says Fenwick Island, DE. It sure looks like the OC inlet to me. The book is a terrific read. Please clarify.

    • David Healey says:

      Hi Bill, and thank you for reading Great Storms! After you called my attention to that photo, I was also curious. The original information from the U.S. Weather Service does appear to state Fenwick Island. However, I would agree that the image actually shows Ocean City. Over at Google maps, I found an image that seems to verify that. Thanks for making that “catch,” and it’s something that can be updated in later editions 🙂 Best, David

  3. Hi David, I would like to purchase two copies of “Ships of Spies.” I was at the Old Grey Mare but they didn’t have any. I read “The First Voyage” and enjoyed it very much. I did purchase another copy of it as a gift for my nephew and would like the second book to go with it. Will you be supplying any to the Old Grey Mare before Saturday? I like to buy from local merchants.

    • David Healey says:

      Hi Karol, thank you so much for your note and I’m glad you liked First Voyage! I have more copies of Ship of Spies being shipped but they won’t be in by the weekend, so may be your best best. I’d be happy to sign them! Best, David

  4. Hi David, I would like to order two “Ship of Spies” books. Amazon only had one and the shipping cost was very high. Thank you.

  5. David Healey says:

    Hi Karol, I have copies and would love to sign them for you! Can I drop them off or would you like to pick them up? Thank you. David

  6. I will be doing some errands in CC this morning. If you’re available, I can stop by your house to pick up the books. One is for Joe and the other for me.

    Thank you, Karol

  7. David Healey says:

    Hi Karol, I sent you an email too, but please stop by 201 Third Street and I will have the books. I will be home until about 2:30 today. Thanks! David

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