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If you haven’t tried an audiobook, listen up!

It seems like readers everywhere—or maybe that should be listeners—are really getting into audiobooks. Why is that? I think that a huge factor is technology. It’s so easy now to listen to an audiobook. Simply click on a title and … Continue reading

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Ardennes Sniper ebook now available!

December 1944. As German forces launch a massive surprise attack through the frozen Ardennes Forest, two snipers find themselves aiming for a rematch. Caje Cole is a backwoods hunter from the Appalachian Mountains of the American South, while Kurt Von … Continue reading

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Update on progress of the next book

I’ve had a few emails asking how the next book is coming along … so here is an update. First of all, this book is a follow up to Ghost Sniper. That’s the World War II story where an American … Continue reading

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