Jeffery Hess interview in the June issue of The Big Thrill

John Sandford on the cover of The Big Thrill

Writing for The Big Thrill is always a pleasure because it gives me an opportunity to a lot of wonderful authors and discuss writing with them. My latest interview was with Jeffrey Hess, a Florida-based writer. This was actually the second time that I have interviewed Jeff  and I really enjoyed his novel, NO SALVATION. If you enjoy good military fiction focused on leadership with great plotting and suspense mixed in, this may be for you. Also, the novel portrays something a bit different, which is the Vietnam-era Navy.

His novel was inspired by actual riot that took place on the USS Kitty Hawk in 1972. The incident prompted new Congressional oversight and many reforms.

This cover also features one of my favorite authors, John Sandford. I’ve been reading his Lucas Davenport novels for years and his newest novel is Neon Prey. He is the guest of honor at Thrillerfest this year.

Read on!

NO SALVATION by Jeffery Hess

by David Healey

If there’s such a thing as navy noir, navy veteran and author Jeffery Hess has created just that atmosphere in his taught thriller NO SALVATION, set aboard an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War.

When Commander Robert Porter arrives aboard the USS Salvation, it is clearly a troubled ship. As the executive officer (XO) or second in command of the US Navy aircraft carrier, Porter soon encounters many challenges. First, he must juggle his own racial identity as an African-American officer against a white captain with antiquated ideas about black and white relations.

Read the full article here.

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