WWII stories inspired Iron Sniper author

By Kris Kielich


Though we look to fantasy to provide us with enthralling tales of heroism, most times, history provides us all the stories of action and heroes that we need. Such is the case with Chesapeake City author David Healey and his “Sniper” series, and his newest book, “Iron Sniper.”

The books tell the tale of Caje Cole, a U.S. Army sniper who finds himself in battles across the European Theatre of World War II. In “Iron Sniper,” Cole finds himself head to head with a German Army sniper seeking honor for his dead brother.

“The book has Cole in it, but it also focuses on Dieter Rohde, whose brother is killed by the SS for desertion,” Healey said. “So he want’s to earn the Iron Cross to redeem his brother, and along the way he loses sight of his humanity.”

Healey explained how his inspiration for writing the book series came from his time with Cecil County’s own WWII history, as well as his own family’s history.

“Cecil County has a strong tradition with WWII veterans, and we had a lot of veterans at D-Day,” Healey explained. “Back in the ’90s I was able to interview a lot of these guys right around the time when ‘Saving Private Ryan’ came out, and I got to see it with them. These guys went ashore. They lived what’s depicted in that film.”

For the complete story, please visit Cecildaily.com

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