Giveaway wraps up … thanks to all!

Ardennes-Sniper-3D-BookCover-transparent_backgroundThe great Ardennes Sniper giveaway has come to an end! There were three separate giveaways going on at the International Thrillers website, Goodreads, and here at little ol’ HealeyInk.

I really, really, want to thank everyone who took the time to enter.

The books have been mailed to winners in South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia, and Ohio. I hope that the winners enjoy the books, and if they can spare the time, I hope that they will post a review at or Goodreads.

What’s amazing is that there were nearly 900 entrants to these giveaways. That number is really humbling. I wish that I could send everyone a book! However, just sending out these copies to winners gave my credit card a workout at the local post office, so mailing hundreds of copies just wasn’t in the budget.

However, there is still a way you can get a free book. If you submit your email to the sign-up form to the right of this post, you can request a free digital copy of one of several books. These can then be put on your Kindle or Nook device. Once on the email list, you will receive an occasional e-newsletter about new books and other happenings. (“Occasional” in this case means a couple of times a year.)

Also, you can read excerpts of other books right here at the website.

Thank you all, and now, back to work!

Ardennes Sniper is also available at your local library ... along with a lot of other great books!

Ardennes Sniper is also available at your local library … along with a lot of other great books!

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