Irish rebels and World War I

I just wanted to share this review I put together of David Downing’s great WWI novel, One Man’s Flag. It is available at the local library as well. Great book with lots of history of this time period!

One Man’s Flag mixes love and war in the WWI era

February 24, 2016

One might wonder what World War I, Irish independence, India, and German communists have in common. Plenty, as it turns out, if you happen to be a journalist—or an agent of His Majesty’s government.

In One Man’s Flag, David Downing has painted an extraordinary tapestry of the early days of World War I. The year is 1916, well before the entry of the United States into the war. That doesn’t mean Americans aren’t interested in the events in Europe.

Assigned to cover these events is Caitlin Hanley, an Irish-American journalist. In the opening pages, she is awaiting the execution of her brother at the Tower of London for his role in blowing up bridges on behalf of Irish rebels. She is also torn about her recently ended love affair with Jack McColl, a British agent who helped catch those Irish rebels …


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