Behind the Badge: An interview with BEACH BODIES detective Nick Logan

Beach Bodies WEBSITE USE-1Behind the Badge

An interview with Nick Logan, one half of the detective team in Beach Bodies: A Rehoboth Beach thriller. 

By Jorge Alvarez, staff reporter

What’s your favorite beach food?

That’s a tough call. There are so many great places to eat. I know it’s weird but on a hot summer day I’ll go for fish and chips. But it’s hard to beat a slice of boardwalk pizza at one a.m. There’s just something primal about a slab of dough and cheese and sauce on a summer night.

We know you’re a mountains kind of guy, but what are some of your favorite places at the Delaware shore?

Definitely Cape Henlopen because it’s the Cape Cod of the mid-Atlantic with sand dunes, beach plums, and not a house in sight. It was a World War II base to stop German U-boats from attacking Philadelphia and someone had the good sense not to develop it. Then I like to throw on some jorts and maybe some dress socks with my sandals, and walk around Lewes or the Rehoboth boardwalk just to people watch. In one day you can get the best of both worlds, from beach to boardwalk.

Where is this thing with Sarah Monahan going?

It’s complicated. Sarah—or should I say Detective Monahan—is sweet and smart and tough all at the same time, like deep-fried salt water taffy. She likes to think she’s a better cop than I am, so that creates some tension. Like I said, it’s complicated.

Are you an organ donor?

That’s kind of a personal question and a touchy subject. Can’t you just ask that boxers or briefs question? But since you asked, it just so happens that I’m a donor. The program does a lot of good. Grubb and his gang had their own ideas about who should be donating, but Sarah and I put a stop to that.

What’s your preferred method for splitting firewood?

It’s a total body workout. Better than the gym. First I chain saw the logs up into chunks. Then I move on to a maul and wedge to bust up the chunks. Some of the oak can get really stubborn. Once it’s busted up I move on to an ax. I keep it really sharp and if you hit it just right, the wood pops apart. It’s very satisfying. You should try it sometime, my chicken-chested friend.


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