Two snipers, locked in a deadly duel …

June 6, 1944. On the dawn of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, two snipers find themselves fighting a battle all their own. One is a backwoods hunter from the Appalachian Mountains, while the other is the dreaded German “Ghost Sniper” who earned his nickname on the Eastern Front. Locked in a deadly duel across the hedgerow country, the hunter matches wits and tactics against the marksman, one bullet away from victory—or death.

Summing up GHOST SNIPER—or any book, for that matter—in a few lines for the back cover or an Amazon description isn’t easy. I don’t want to leave anyone or anything out! That would be like pulling away from the curb while someone is still getting in the car, or driving off with that cup of coffee on the roof. In any case, here is the back cover copy so far for GHOST SNIPER, due out in February!

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