Bats in the attic and a body in the wall …

I’ve been working on the back cover copy for THE HOUSE THAT WENT DOWN WITH THE SHIP:

Delmarva Renovators has come to Chesapeake City on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to return the faded Captain Cosden house to its former glory for the latest installment of its home improvement show.

At first, the colorful houses and unique history of the old waterfront town on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal seem like the perfect setting. But in addition to leaky pipes, bats and crumbling plaster, the cast and crew soon encounter more than what’s on their punch list when a mummified body tumbles out of a wall. The discovery unleashes a new series of killings as someone sets out to settle old grudges.

With the renovation project at a halt and the future of Delmarva Renovators in jeopardy, it’s up to the show’s producer and renovator extraordinaire Tom Martell to solve the long-ago murder and stop whoever is killing to revenge old wrongs.

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