Writing goals for 2012

 I’m not in the habit of making New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m feeling more positive about 2012 as a writer. There are lots of day-to-day goals that involve producing eBooks (for others), my ghostwriting project, teaching, speaking, and duties as president of the Historical Society of Cecil County. Those (well, not the HSCC!) help pay the bills. Here are the “big goals” I have in mind for 2012 as a writer:

  • Finish GREAT STORMS OF THE CHESAPEAKE for the History Press. The manuscript is due in June, and I have about two-thirds of the 40,000-word rough draft done. And did I mention the 70 images to track down and caption? I’m discovering lots of great history and anecdotes along the way. There are still many photos, an introduction, etc., to nail down, but the book is coming along and should be out by summer.
  • Finish edits for THE HOUSE THAT WENT DOWN WITH THE SHIP, which is the first in my “Delmarva Renovators” mystery series about the crew of an online home improvement show that has a habit of having dead people turn up on the job site. This story is set in the waterfront town of Chesapeake City, Maryland. I’ve really enjoyed working with my wonderful publisher Bella Rosa Books in helping to make this book better. The book should be out in spring/summer in both print and ebook.
  • Outline the next “Delmarva Renovators” mystery … tentatively set in Lewes, Del., with the title THE HOUSE THAT WALKED THE PLANK. There will be a few pirate legends in this one, I’m thinking. Aaarggh!
  • Rewrite TIME REICH … this historical thriller is about the threat of Nazi time travel, and frankly, I’ve had a tough time swallowing the sci fi element of the story that I was talked into when workshopping this at the Stonecoast MFA pop fic group. But sometimes we have those Ah ha! or Eureka! moments that show us the way. After being given that gift of discovery, I’ve finally figured out how to make this story really click. The story is now plausible in a way it wasn’t for me before. I’ve always loved the characters, the setting, the father-son and moral conflicts, the mix of past and present in this story. Once it’s done, look for an ebook version from Intracoastal.
  • Jump back into working on what Stephen King would call my “shiny toy wagon” … the YA novel I’ve started and hope to get into again once GREAT STORMS is cleared off my desk. I’ve been reading a lot of YA since taking on my part-time library job (plus it’s what my kids read) and this story has really got me going. Think Horatio Hornblower with magic.

That should be more than enough to keep my keyboard busy in 2012. Here’s hoping you have a great year writing—and reading!

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2 Responses to Writing goals for 2012

  1. Lisa Romeo says:

    Whoa, David – what a list – sounds like a lot, but a lot of interesting, fun stuff! My son, who will be studying meteorology next year, will probably want to read the storm book. Good luck.

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