Rebel Train: A Civil War Novel by David Healey


A steam-driven locomotive chase …

In a plan so daring as to seem impossible, a group of Confederate cavalrymen set out to seize the train carrying Lincoln to Gettysburg and kidnap — or kill— the President. The outcome of this mile-a-minute, stream-driven race will decide not only the fate of Lincoln and the raiders, but also of the Union and Confederacy.

This book was featured on the game show Jeopardy! in the category “War Stories” on July 11, 2013.

“Civil War buffs looking for something different will find ample reward in this complex, offbeat novel of deadly intrigue and hot pursuit.” —Jack D. Hunter, best-selling author of The Blue Max

“Healey’s got a gift for recreating history, complete with compelling characters and the ring of authenticity in every scene.”—C.A. Mobley, best-selling author of Rites of War and Rules of Command

“A classic adventure of escape and pursuit, ending with the timeless questions about honor and duty.” —Bing West, author of The Village and The Pepperdogs

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