Gods & Snipers is a novel about the German retreat from France

American GI with sniper rifle and bridge in background.

Gods & Snipers

Autumn 1944. With the Allies giving chase across France, German forces are in full retreat. In the confusion of the fast-moving situation, small squads find themselves on their own or cobbled together from other units, with whichever officer has the highest rank taking command. These units have one goal in mind, which is to move closer to Germany.

It’s bad enough that troops on both sides find themselves short on fuel and ammunition. Their path is also blocked by physical obstacles such as the Moselle River. Now, two of these orphaned units—one American, one German—find themselves in a small French village on the banks of that river. Both sides want possession of the ancient bridge across the Moselle, and the result will be an epic showdown that pits general against general, and sniper against sniper.

Release date September 17, 2019