David Healey’s novels and nonfiction books have been published by Jove Books (Penguin Putnam), the Agatha Award-winning Bella Rosa Books, and The History Press. He worked for 21 years as a newspaper reporter and editor, and won awards in feature writing and editorial writing from the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association and Suburban Newspaper Association. He has written freelance articles for many newspapers and magazines, including The Washington Times, American History, Blue & Gray, Running Times, Chesapeake Bay Magazine, Out & About, and Delmarva Quarterly. He is on the board of the Eastern Shore Writers’ Association, an organization that promotes writers and writing on the Delmarva Peninsula. He is also an author member of the International Thriller Writers and a contributing editor for the ITW’s The Big Thrill magazine. He is a frequent speaker on regional history and writing topics. In 2011 he was recognized as a Chaney Visiting Scholar by St. Mary’s College of Maryland. A graduate of Washington College and the Stonecoast MFA program at the University of Southern Maine, he is now a full-time faculty member at an online university.

Please contact David at david@davidhealeyauthor.com

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  1. K Dale Shoemaker says:

    I am reading ghost sniper and enjoying. I have a?. On page 160 wuif is shot and his rifle fall from the tree but on page 183 Cole climbs the tree to retrieve the gun. Who put it back up the tree?

    • David Healey says:

      Hi Dale, thank you for catching that … sounds like something that will have to be fixed in a future edition!

  2. Carol Casey says:

    Thank you so much for organizing and hosting the conference in Chesapeake City. I am relatively new to attending such conferences and was very impressed with the presenters. I learned a lot and had fun doing it in the congenial group gathered there.

    • David Healey says:

      Carol, so glad that you found the conference rewarding. I hope that our group found some fresh inspiration … I know that I did! Please stay tuned to see if we can set this up again for next year 🙂

  3. Michael D Hillin says:

    Just finished Red Sniper I wish you would finish up the story more…
    Did the Russian nurse go back with the Senators Son?
    What happen to the Russian soldier gate guard ?
    I have enjoyed all the books so and will start the Korean sniper book today (10/09/21)

    • David Healey says:

      Thanks for reading, Michael! Much appreciated and that makes my day. As for your questions, I don’t think things turn out well for the poor guard. The nurse is a good question. Maybe that is a follow-up story someday? I appreciate you pointing these out because a story always has a lot of dangling threads to tie off. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the Korean adventures.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oct 15 2021
        Just finished all 9 books in the Cole Sniper series . THEY were great.!!
        I’m so glad you gave up some after the war information , got married had a daughter, has a grandson .etc.
        I also loved the fact he took care of the War Criminal “The Butcher”..
        Thank you for your sniper book series. I will order sniper book (his cousin) Pacific soon.
        Michael Hillin

  4. Michael D Hillin says:

    His Cousin in the Pacific (the book) was great keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next book in the series

  5. John says:

    Just wondering. Are you British? I am about half way through “Ghost Sniper”. The American soldiers keep referring to the Germans as “jerries”. That is predominantly a British term for the Germans. Americans normally would use the term “kraut”. Every time I read the term “jerries” I think a British soldier is speaking. It’s confusing and takes away from being able to concentrate on the story line.

    • David Healey says:

      Thank you for your note, John. That’s an interesting observation. Back in the ’90s, I interviewed many (US) D-Day veterans and they definitely used both terms interchangeably. I wonder if that’s something that changed over time? In any case, thank you for reading and I hope the term doesn’t sidetrack you too much from enjoying the stories. Best, David

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