Need a speaker on a writing or historical topic?

speaker picSpeaking Topics

Heroes & Villains of 1812. This talk offers an overview of the War of 1812 in the northern Chesapeake Bay, with a special focus on the personalities of the conflict, including Kitty Knight, Joshua Barney, John O’Neill and Admiral Cockburn.

Delmarva Legends & Lore. Did you know about the Marylander who fought a fatal duel with Andrew Jackson? Or how shipwrecked explorers on Assateague Island resorted to cannabilism? This talk offers a look at the sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic history of the Delmarva Peninsula—the land between the bays.

Civil War Legends & Lore. Maryland was a region of divided loyalties during the Civil War era, which gave rise to spies, bitter politics and desperate actions. Learn about the Maryland woman who was Lincoln’s secret cabinet member, the slavecatcher who almost got the war off to an early start, and enduring legends such as the “caveman of the Civil War.”

Great Storms of the Chesapeake. In the last four centuries, the Chesapeake Bay region has experienced legendary hurricanes, gales, blizzards, fogs and freezes. Learn the stories behind this stormy weather and how it forever changed the lives of Marylanders and in some cases, changed the course of history.

First Lines: Getting Started with Your Creative Writing Project. Sometimes you want to start writing a novel, short story or memoir, but don’t know where to begin or what to do with your completed manuscript. This motivational talk and workshop introduces writers to techniques to get them started writing, and offers tips on the publishing process from finding an agent to creating an ebook.


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