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At the Battle of Triangle Hill, Cole and his squad find themselves in a stalemate with Chinese forces, fighting to capture and then regain a strategic foothold. To make matters worse, a deadly enemy shooter has positioned himself on the hill known as Sniper Ridge, picking off the defenders and outshooting Cole. To defeat this enemy, Cole must return to his mountain roots as a hunter, tracker, and jaw-dropping marksman.

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Deep in the Korean mountains, U.S. sniper Caje Cole and his squad are on patrol when they witness a dogfight that ends with a pilot being shot down over enemy territory. Cole leads the rescue effort that puts him in conflict with a deadly Chinese sniper, but that turns out to be the least of his worries. Chinese forces are on the move, starting with the capture of an outpost just forward of the American line. To stop a large Chinese force poised to smash the American line, Cole joins a makeshift unit sent to hold an ancient fort at a mountain pass. These misfits plan a desperate fight to the last man against overwhelming odds as Cole faces a showdown with the enemy sniper.

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Just when it looks like Allied troops are finally winning the massive Battle of the Bulge in the snowy Ardennes forest, German forces launch a devastating counter-attack called Operation Nordwind.

Surrounded in the deep, wintry hills, the odds seem impossible, but the defenders have Cole and his rifle on their side. For Cole, the battle leaves some unfinished business. Years later, on a trip to Germany to help dedicate a WWII museum, Cole will have to settle the score once and for all to satisfy his “Sniper’s Justice.”

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This is the online home of David Healey, author of thrilling historical fiction and regional histories. Over the years, quite a lot has been added to the site, so this page will help you get started with navigating HealeyInk. Please … Continue reading

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