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New release … DEADLY ANTHEM

“David Healey’s latest thriller, DEADLY ANTHEM, weaves captivating history with savage present-day intrigue. The relentless twists and explosive surprises kept me fascinated to the very last word.”

— Robert Blake Whitehill, author of The Ben Blackshaw Series

By dawn’s early light … murder, mystery, and intrigue.

When the Star-Spangled Banner flag is stolen from the Smithsonian Institution, it’s up to War of 1812 scholar Franklin Scott Keane to get it back.

Joining forces with Keane will be an up-and-coming young researcher. Together, they navigate a web of murder and intrigue surrounding the famous flag’s disappearance. Looking for clues, Keane follows the flag’s path from the Battle of Baltimore to the halls of the Smithsonian to a rich and powerful madman’s compound deep in the marshes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

For Keane, more than the flag is at stake. Since his wife’s death in a sailing accident, Keane has struggled to rebuild his personal and professional life. Finding the flag becomes his path to redemption.

To do so, he will test his knowledge of history and his skills as a researcher to the limit. He will need to come to terms with his personal loss. He will encounter a disturbing historical twist as old as the flag itself. And ultimately, he will have to survive a final showdown in the nightmarish tidal marshes of Chesapeake Bay to determine both his own fate and that of the Star-Spangled Banner.

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Pirate Moon collects regional stories and essays

The essays here touch on everything from the origins of the unique dialect known as Delmarvese to running a trapline. In the fiction pages, ride along with Confederate cavalry gone astray on the way to Gettysburg and root for a widowed lightkeeper who makes a desperate stand against a German U-boat attack. Encounter Captain Kidd during a confrontation with pirates on the Delaware shore. In “The Wheatfield War,” discover the tragic fate of Lord Byron’s cousin-in-law during the War of 1812. Learn more or get it now from Barnes & Noble or Amazon



The Caje Cole sniper series …

Frozen Sniper

Sniper lying in snowCaje Cole thought he was done with war after the victory in Europe, but a violent act of justice back home in the mountains forces him into the Army once more to fight in the Korean War. With his unit surrounded at the frigid Chosin Reservoir and confronted by a deadly enemy sniper, Cole must use all his skill with a rifle to fight back. Short on supplies, and cut off from any hope of reinforcements, the soldiers must fight their way out. In a last stand on the ice of the frozen Chosin Reservoir itself, Cole will teach the pursuing Chinese sniper that sometimes the most dangerous enemy of all is one that you underestimated.

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Gods & Snipers

US soldier holding rifle with bridge in background.


Outnumbered and outgunned, a squad of U.S. soldiers must hold a bridge against superior German forces in a fight that pits general against general, and sniper against sniper.

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Iron Sniper

When German sniper Dieter Rohde’s older brother is unjustly shot for desertion by the SS, he will stop at nothing to win the Iron Cross medal and redeem his family’s name by targeting as many Allied troops as possible

Rohde’s deadly efforts bring him into direct confrontation with American sniper Caje Cole. Rohde may be driven by ambition, but he hasn’t encountered an adversary like Cole, the so-called hillbilly sniper who is as hard as the mountains he calls home and as wily as a backwoods fox.

As the final pitched battle for France takes place around them at the Falaise Pocket, these two snipers declare war on each other.

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Red Sniper

red-sniper-3d-bookcover-transparent_backgroundRed Sniper is the story of a rescue mission for American POWs held captive by the Russians at the end of World War II.

For these American POWs, the war is not over. Abandoned by their country, used as political pawns by Stalin, their last hope for getting home again is backwoods sniper Caje Cole and a team of combat veterans who undertake a daring rescue mission.

After a lovely Russian-American spy helps plot an escape from a Gulag prison, they must face the ruthless Red Sniper, starving wolves, and the snowy Russian taiga in a race for freedom.

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Ardennes Sniper

Ardennes-Sniper-3D-BookCover-transparent_backgroundDecember 1944. As German forces launch a massive surprise attack through the frozen Ardennes Forest, two snipers find themselves aiming for a rematch. Caje Cole is a backwoods hunter from the Appalachian Mountains of the American South, while Kurt Von Stenger is the deadly German “Ghost Sniper.”

Having been in each other’s crosshairs before, they fight a final duel during Germany’s desperate attempt to turn the tide of war in what will come to be known as the Battle of the Bulge. Can the hunter defeat the marksman?

Even in the midst of war, some battles are personal.

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